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Welcome to the Arizona Workforce Prospective. This is a collection of short stories and articles focused on a variety of workforce related topics effecting today’s businesses. Some of the topics of these stories include: Human Resources, Business Development, Funding, Marketing and Social Media.

New stories are added frequently. We suggest you subscribe to our RSS to help keep you up to date as to when new stories are posted.


Have you heard of RSS? It stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it is just that: Through RSS, you can distribute or "feed" information from a website to a group of subscribers.

Let's say that your company website includes a blog. A blog (short for "weblog") is like an online journal where the most recent entries show up at the top.

In a blog, you write about pertinent topics. Perhaps a new product offering or a tradeshow where you'll have a booth. The topics are up to you-whatever new information will benefit people who read your blog. To be most effective, a blog should have frequent new and informative entries. For business purposes, those entries can and probably should be fairly brief. How often "frequent" is for your business is up to you. It might be multiple times a day, once a day, weekly, or less often. The goal is enough to hold interest, not enough to annoy!

Through RSS, people can click a button to subscribe to your blog. That means they'll get automatic updates when you post new blog entries. It's a wonderful way to drive people to your website.

But RSS is used for more than just blogs. For example, people can also subscribe to podcasts-one or more video or audio files that people can watch or listen to. Many companies use podcasts to broadcast news and information.

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